The student news site of Manchester High School.

Career Center – College Information

APPPLYING TO COLLEGES – CTMentor is a student services website representing the statewide and independent colleges and universities of Connecticut. You can apply to state and independent colleges within Connecticut from here.

Common Application – A general application form used by over 150 independent colleges that is available on-line.

Universal College Application – The Universal College Application is an online admissions application consortium for college-bound students. Register to create an account, complete your application, and submit to any number of our member colleges.


All Universities (All) By Christina DeMello.

Extensive listing for American and international university and college home pages. 3,040 different schools. Text List containing all the schools, alphabetized by school name with the link to the college’s website.

Boarding School Review Detailed & Up-To-Date Boarding School Information, … Read Reviews of Boarding Schools:

  • Browse alumni reviews for dozens of boarding schools! – An excellent resource for find career information and planning resources. Please enter the following ID 0013799 and password manchest to access the site. You create your own name and password to keep a detailed map of what you have used and done in a portfolio online.

Campus Tours – Provides virtual tours of many major campuses. Requires Shockwave. Text, photos, interactive maps, videos, & movies.

Education Corner – Education that Matters – Billed as “The most comprehensive database of colleges, universities and higher education institutions.”

MyCollegeCalendar – Free Guidance, Admissions Process, Admissions Checklists, Admissions Strategies, A to Z Admission Steps. FREE College and University Admissions guide that assists students and more.

National Catholic College and Universities – The National Catholic College Admission Association is a non-profit organization of Catholic colleges and universities committed to serving students, parents, and counselors in the transition process from high school to college.

College Board Online -A comprehensive job and career guide that gives realistic information for middle and high school students. Detailed sections on nature of work, working conditions, employment, training, job outlook, related occupations, and scores of additional information.

College Opportunities On-Line System (COOL)  – The US Department of Education has established an interactive, timely website, the College Opportunities On-Line System (COOL).   This website provides up-to-date, accurate information on the programs, costs, and financial aid available at over 9,000 colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions.

Princeton Review Resources  – College admissions info, college listings, info on the PSAT, SAT and more.

What Can I Do With a Major in…? – Provided by the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Information on career choices and different majors.


Security on Campus – Learn about campus security, your rights as a parent trying to find out crime statistics and much more. A very informative site that all parents and students should use in evaluating the college they are visiting.

CollegeSafe is a division of Main Street Safety, L.L.C. which was founded and is owned by a woman whose circle of friends has been touched by many safety issues, starting during their college years. This year her oldest niece will enter her freshman year in college and concern for her safety inspired us to develop this safety community for you.

Please remember that you can obtain the campus crime statistics from the college/university police department. It is your right and required to be given to you when it is requested. If there are any problems obtaining the report, you should question whether you would want your son or daughter attending that school. The Security on Campus site is an excellent resource for assisting you in campus security, information and your rights.

The student news site of Manchester High School.
Career Center – College Information