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Career Center – Gap Year Opportunities

Many students take a year out between high school and college or university, often to travel, study or gain work experience and save money for university. Students who take a gap year are not penalized by universities, but should state their intention to do so on their College or University Application form.

Some Articles to read on the Gap options, cautions and benefits:

AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc. 
Provides intercultural learning opportunities abroad with the aim of promoting a more just and peaceful world.

Americorps (Corporation for National Service) Phone 800-942-2677
In return for serving the United States in humanitarian, educational, or environmental endeavors, students get awards they can use for paying off college loans, or scholarships while they are in college.

Audubon Expedition Institute Phone 888-287-2234
A traveling graduate and undergraduate school that transforms students into inspired, compassionate environmental leaders and activists.

Castle Rock Institute Phone 828-862-3759
While the institute’s programs are designed for sophomores and juniors currently enrolled in colleges and universities around the country, they have accepted a number of students fresh from high school who wished to enroll as part of the “gap year” experience. Students enjoy the benefits of living in a small supportive community, regular contact with the natural world, and close relationships with their professors. They must also being willing to build their communication skills, overcome physical challenges, and work hard academically.

Center for Interim Programs Phone 617-547-0980
Originally founded to assist students in making a more effective transition from high school to college and the college students evaluate what they wanted to achieve in their college careers. Three basic ingredients include structure, skill development and that money is not an inhibiting factor. These are personalized programs for experiential learning that encompass internships, apprenticeships and volunteer work; cultural and academic programs, language courses, arts, animals, outdoors and environmental programs, designed from a database of 4,000 options.

City Year Phone 617-927-2500
Putting idealism to work — City Year, an AmeriCorps program, is a national service organization which unites young adults, ages 17 to 24, from diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time community service, leadership development, and civic engagement.

Dynamy Internship Year Phone 508-755-2571
Dynamy is a one-year program for kids graduating from high school and looking for a way to find direction before going to college.

Earthwatch Phone 508-755-2571
Earthwatch has over 125 sponsored research expeditions running each year. From archaeology to endangered zebras, Earthwatch is working hard to help understand and protect the world around us. Scientific research expeditions worldwide, from St.Croix to Madagascar.

English Speaking Union Phone 011-44-(0)20-7529-1550
An educational exchange program with boarding schools in Great Britain that focuses on the English-language and culture.

Global Crossroad Phone 800-413-2008
Volunteering opportunities in India, Nepal, China, Sri Link Thailand, Mongolia, Ghana, Costa Rica, Ecuador Kenya and Tibet.

Global Quest International Semester Programs 
Twelve-week semester programs in Thailand and other development countries for high school seniors and students between high school and college: an international adventure in learning.

Global Programs 
An international educational service organization offering study and teaching abroad opportunities.

Global Service Corps Phone 415-788-3666, ext. 128
Global Service Corps provides short and long-term programs for people of all ages who want to share their time and experience to help make the world a better place. GSC volunteer participants live and work in developing countries on projects designed to improve the well-being of the earth and its habitants.

Go Abroad 
Directory guide for study abroad, language schools, internships, and international volunteer positions. Resources and information available.

Habitat for Humanity Phone 229-924-6935, ext. 2551 or 2552
A volunteer organization that builds decent, affordable housing for poor families.

I-to-I Volunteer Abroad Phone 800-985-4864 or 303-765-5325
I-to-I specializes in travel opportunities that allow participants to do community service. The volunteer programs support good causes in more than 20 countries worldwide. The choices are endless, from caring for underprivileged children, building safe homes, conserving precious resources, protecting endangered animals, to teaching English to the young and old.

Institute for Village Studies 
Non-profit educational organization providing learning experiences through service and exploration in developing nations.

International Cultural Adventures Phone 888-339-0460
These programs are especially suited for students seeking to gain valuable life experiences and acquire new perspectives on their lives, the world they live in, and their place in it. Additionally, the program is of particular interest to those students who seek to improve their Spanish-language skills in a particular and meaningful way.

Living Routes Phone 888-339-0460
Living Routes partners with Ecovillages around the world that have long-standing experience in education and training. They are vibrant communities of individuals, socially responsible businesses, and non-profit advocacy and development organizations. Community members grow organic food, use renewable energy, practice holistic health and consensus decision-making, and excel at artistic and cross-cultural expression.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Phone 800-710-NOLS
NOLS is a wilderness educational school offering expedition length courses in eight countries. The site includes course information, minimum impact techniques, wilderness first aid, and research reports.

Outward Bound Phone 866-467-7651
Outward Bound is a non-profit educational organization with five core programs that change lives, build teams, and transform schools. We deliver adventure in the wilderness, urban settings, workrooms, and classrooms to help students achieve their possibilities, and to inspire them to serve others and care for the world around them. Age specific courses are available from four days to three months in some of the greatest and most pristine wilderness areas. Courses focus on a variety of outdoor activities.

Pacific Village Institute Phone 703-527-6758
Pacific Village Institute designs and runs programs that fall into one of three general categories: Student Programs, Collaborative School Programs, and Educator Forums. All PVI programs have their own dedicated Village Voices web journal and resource pages to facilitate communication and collaboration before, during, and after journeys in Asia. The people behind PVI share a deep commitment to creating study abroad programs in Asia that are rooted in experiential integrity, educational rigor, and the highest standards of health and safety.

School for Field Studies, Environmental Field Studies Abroad 
Learn about environmental field studies programs in Australia, Canada, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico and the British West Indies.

Sea Education Association Phone 800-552-3633
SEA is an educational institution dedicated to the study of the ocean environment and its relationship to the Earth and to human affairs. Our mission is to challenge students intellectually and physically within a rigorous, interactive, interdisciplinary curriculum, while providing opportunities for significant personal growth. Our goal is to fulfill this mission through intensive coursework and practical experience acquired both ashore on a residential campus and at sea aboard deep-ocean sailing research vessels. Today, SEA is recognized as the national leader in education under sail.

Sea-mester Programs 
80-day, credit-bearing semester programs focusing on college level academics, seamanship and personal growth for high school graduates and college students.

Serve Your World
An online database of volunteer organizations that provide volunteer opportunities for students to participate around the world.

Student Conservation Association Phone 603-543-1700
The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is the leader in national resource conservation, providing service opportunities, outdoor skills and leadership training to thousands of young women and men each year. In all 50 states, high school , college, graduate students and others join together through SCA to care for our national parks and forests, historic and cultural resources, and urban green spaces. SCA offers over 25,000 opportunities annually for students to care fir national parks and forests, historic and cultural resources, and urban green spaces. 
Since 1995 has provided the most comprehensive search and up-to-date online listings of Language and Study Abroad programs. This site includes thousands of listings for hundreds of programs world-wide, as well as financial aid information and the study abroad handbook.

The Center for Interim Programs 
Interim is a service that enables people to pursue structured alternatives to formal education or work by matching clients’ interests with over 5,000 internships, volunteer positions, apprenticeships, cultural studies programs, etc., worldwide, to create “time off” that can give a new direction, sharpen hazy career goals, rejuvenate those on the verge of burnout and provide a much-needed break to students between high school and college or those already in college.

The Experiment in International Living Phone 877-257-7751
An international nonprofit organization promoting intercultural learning through home stays educational group travel, study abroad, language training au pair, and other cultural immersion programs.

Time Out Associates 
A service that works with individual clients to search for options for summers, semesters and for full year experiences. Clients include high school students seeking alternatives, high school graduates, college students, and graduates looking for a break before entering the work force.

Travel Tree 
Study/volunteer abroad with Travel Tree- thousands of study abroad programs, jobs, internships, volunteer projects.

United Nations Volunteers
Volunteers from all over the world are helping organizations that serve communities in developing countries — but without leaving their own communities. These online volunteers translate documents, write articles, research data, build web sites, mentor young people, design logos, and engage in many other projects to benefit organizations serving people in the developing world. Online volunteers are volunteers without frontiers.

 Where There Be Dragons Phone 800-982-9203
Where There Be Dragons offers students, school groups, adults, and professional educators remarkable learning opportunities through off-the-beaten path, intimate, small group expeditions to CHINA, THAILAND, VIETNAM, LAOS, CAMBODIA, TIBET, INDIA, MONGOLIA, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, PERU, BOLIVIA AND SENEGAL. Trips are rugged, creative, and engaging journeys that combine wilderness exploration, trekking to remote villages, introduction to traditional philosophy and artistic traditions, home-stays, service projects, language training, and cultural studies.

World Learning – Global Education, Study Abroad, International Development, and Teacher Education  Provides details of the nonprofit’s overseas educational training programs. Includes job opportunities and contact information.

World Smart Phone 877-264-8856 or 303-460-7100
World Smart is an experience of a lifetime! No other global education program gives you so much international travel, so many intercultural experiences, regional learning, leadership instruction, host family living and global friendships. It’s unique, it’s life transforming and could be for you! In one semester, our traveling classroom will take you to 18 cities in three regions of the world where you will learn and practice leadership, live with local families, serve as a volunteer—and emerge, eyes open to the vast opportunities and challenges facing you and the world we live in. It is a semester long study abroad program for international youth aged 18 to 29.

Youth for Understanding International Exchange 
A non-profit educational organization which offers opportunities for young people around the world to spend a summer, semester or year with a host family in another culture.

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Career Center – Gap Year Opportunities