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Internships Can Help Answer the Question “Who Am I?”

What is an Internship and How does my Son/Daughter Access It?

What is an Internship?

Are you unsure or confused about what you want to do after high school? Would you like to have the chance to investigate a career or occupation that fits your talents, interests, and abilities?

The Student Internship Program may be the answer for you. This program is a component of the School-to-Career initiative designed to connect classroom learning and real world experiences. This is a state and national movement to infuse high academic standards and workplace competencies into the K-12 curriculum.

Who is Eligible?

Juniors or seniors, college-bound or non-college bound, are eligible to participate. This experience may be the resume builder you need. Internship provides 60 hours of work-site experience per semester, combined with a once a week intern seminar class. Students have the opportunity to receive .5 elective credits per semester, in addition to expanding skills and abilities while exploring a field for which they have an interest.

What happens during an Internship?

During an internship, employers are encouraged to design activities and projects that will challenge the students and teach job skills. Talk to students about their business, its significance and the skills and knowledge required to perform the job within the company. The scope and depth of the internship is entirely up to the company and the student.

What are the benefits with involvement in Internships?

  • Students prepare to become skilled, productive, responsible citizens.
  • Students make informed choices regarding education & career.
  • Current employers have the opportunity to expand the interpersonal, training and supervisory skills of current employees as they mentor students.
  • Employers and students have the opportunity to contribute to the community.
  • Employers help students connect their education to the business world.
The student news site of Manchester High School.
Career Center – Internship