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Murder Mystery Draws Curious Crowd

Christopher Philopena

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            A hormonal matriarch, a womanizing pub owner, and a merciless real estate tycoon comprise but a few of the colorful characters expertly portrayed by a menagerie of staff at the recent MHS Murder Mystery production.

Raffles, fresh food, and mystique were the commodities of the MHS cafeteria on March 1st as representatives from the junior class of 2014 came together to serve a pasta dinner to the interested public.

Juniors dressed in ties and slacks modeled after the school colors served several courses to the attendees. Dessert included ice cream from local producer, Royal Ice Cream, who donated several gallons to the event. Accompanying the first class dinner was a spectacular show of parody and intrigue performed by a select few well-humored teachers who took on the responsibility of playing the familiar archetypes in the reality television spoof of our little town “The Real Housewives of Buckland Hills.”

The educators turned actors prepared tirelessly for their roles, often staying until 11pm to present an excellent show, and as they noted, without pizza!

MHS math teacher Cathy Mazzota noted that despite the difficulties of adjusting to theater, many of the participants had an advantage, for in her words “teaching is acting on a regular basis.”

Another unique perspective was that of English teacher Kelly Shea, who being new to the MHS teaching community, noted “It was a great way to get acquainted with teachers outside my department.”

Who was the culprit? Everyone from the oppressed nanny to the community blogger had motive; land, lust, or money can drive anyone to a heinous crime. After much investigation by Manchester’s finest fake detective Megan Rader, the true culprit was uncovered. Dan Marak, also known by the alias Todd Robertson, slew the land hungry real estate magnate, Kendrick Fatwallet, over his younger, blonder, and significantly quieter wife with whom he was smitten.

Mike Bergeron, advisor to the class of 2014, would like to personally thank all students and staff who participated and made it a spectacular event. Particularly students of the junior class whose efficiency and dedication assured a good evening was had by all.

Bellies full, curiosity sated, and spoils won; over a hundred parents and community members left the cafeteria of MHS last Friday in a triumphant victory for the junior class.


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