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Counseling – Students

9th Grade
Self Awareness
10th Grade
Career Awareness
11th Grade
Career Planning
12th Grade
Decision Making

The ST.E.P. Program

The Student Educational Plan

The school counseling program at Manchester High School features the ST.E.P. Program which provides each student with a long-range educational plan. The Student Education Plan is facilitated by the student’s counselor and begins with an annual review or assessment of student needs. As the student progresses through the process, he or she is made aware of factors which influence an individual’s career goals. Students are encouraged to establish objectives so that counselors may prescribe the appropriate school classes. Counselors will also recommend a variety of other experiences that will help students in the exploration of their career objectives. These include student activities, volunteer activities, career development activities, job shadowing experiences, work experiences, and internships.

Making An Appointment With Your Counselor

Students may initiate a conference with their assigned counselor by making an appointment. Grade 9 students can set up an appointment in Room 189. Grade 10-12 students can set up an appointment in Room 117. Counselors will also initiate conferences with students by sending them an appointment notification. Counselors will meet with all assigned students during the school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a course?

  • Speak to your teacher, or set up an appointment with your counselor to discuss changes in your schedule. Changes typically take place in the beginning of the quarter; yet, if you are requesting a level change to a higher level, that will be done any time prior to the midpoint of a course.

What is the “Not for Rank” option?

  • Students may choose a “Not-for-Rank-in-Class” option for two of their courses, provided it is in addition to the required minimum of four courses.This option may not be elected for courses which are part of the core requirements for graduation.The Not-for-Rank-in-Class option allows students to elect such courses and to receive a quarterly letter grade and credit, but the courses will not impact rank in class.Applications for this option should be submitted to the grade level principal by the end of the first ten days of each semester. Since a letter grade is received for the quarter, Honor Roll is affected.The semester grade will be either a “P” or “F”.

How can I get credit for community service?

  • An application must be completed by the student and submitted within 2 weeks of the beginning of the semester in which the activity is to be undertaken. Applications are available from school counselors. For further information, please refer to the MHS Course Catalog.

When will I get my grades?

  • Grades are mailed approximately one week after the closing of grades

What is period 14 on my schedule?

  • Period 14 is not a class – it is a ST.E.P. activity. The activity is carried out in a classroom setting by school counselors. Topics focus on helping students plan for their future.
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Counseling – Students