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Manchester High School Roundtable Singers

Dear Roundtable Singer,

 Seventy-five years ago, G. Albert Pearson, committed to the idea that a high level of vocal artistry could be created in a high school setting, formed a small group of select singers.  Four years later, they were named the MHS Roundtable Singers.  Since then the Roundtable Singers have been synonymous with the very best that MHS and the community of Manchester has to offer.  They have become a powerful singing voice in the area and have travelled as good-will ambassadors for years. 

 We are proud to announce a celebratory concert marking this Diamond Anniversary of the MHS Roundtable Singers.  This concert will be held on Monday, May 20, 2013 at 7:30 pm in Bailey Auditorium.  Performing on that concert will be the 2012-13 Roundtable Singers, Jazz Choir, Women’s Choir, Chorus, Chorale and Handbell Choir.  In addition, we will be forming three new groups:  the Diamond Anniversary Choir, RTS-24, and an Alumni Handbell Choir.  The Alumni Handbell Choir will include any players from 1996-1999 and 2007-present.  RTS-24 will be comprised of “Tyler” alums, those singers that have worked directly with me over the past twenty-four years.  The Diamond Anniversary Choir will be our featured group, and include singers from the past 75 years.  This letter is to formally invite you to participate in this event.  Regardless of the singing experiences you have had since then, I would like you to seriously consider joining this group and share the experience with us.  My personal goal is an Alumni Choir of over 250 members, and the overwhelming sounds that this group will produce.

 What are we singing?
Diamond Anniversary Choir
Hallelujah, from The Mount of Olives – Beethoven
Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit – Hogan
Jabberwocky – Pottle
When I Have Sung My Songs – Stroope 

RTS – 24
At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners – Spencer
Ubi Caritas – Durufle
God Is A Rock – Walth

Alumni Handbell Choir
It Is Well with My Soul – Tucker
Kiss The Girl – McChesney

 You will be sent the music as soon as we receive your registration information.

 How will we rehearse?
As Roundtable Singers, you all remember the value of practice.  If you so desire, we will make a rehearsal recording for your voice part and email it to you.  And of course, we will need to rehearse together (not to mention renew some old acquaintances).  To that end, we are planning an Alumni Weekend here at Manchester High School.  The rehearsals will be on Saturday and Sunday, May 18 & 19. 

Saturday, May 18
9:00 am           Registration
9:30 am           Greetings and Rehearsal – Diamond Anniversary Choir
12:00 pm         Lunch (on our own)
1:30 pm           Sectional rehearsals (if needed – if not, full group rehearsal)
2:30 pm           Rehearsal – Diamond Anniversary Choir
4:00 pm           Rehearsal – RTS-24
5:30 pm           Rehearsal – Alumni Handbell Choir
6:30 pm           Pot luck supper in MHS cafeteria (optional)

Sunday, May 19
12:00 pm         Rehearsal – Alumni Handbell Choir
1:00 pm           Rehearsal – RTS-24
2:30 pm           Rehearsal – Diamond Anniversary Choir
At some point, we will break to assemble the risers and do our final rehearsal
7:00 pm           Rehearsal ends

Monday, May 20
5:30 pm           Call for all singers, dressed. 
7:30 pm           Curtain
9:30 pm           Concert ends

How Much Will This Cost?
Actually, it costs nothing per person, but it did cost about $1,200 for all of our music, and that amount could grow as the choir roster grows.  We would also like to provide little amenities for our singers while rehearsing.  We managed to cover the initial cost of the music by simply not buying any music last fall and saving our money.  For the other items, the cupboard is pretty bare.  While by no means necessary, if you would like to make a contribution to this project, it would be greatly appreciated.  Checks can be made out to “MHS Roundtable Singers”.

 What is “Concert Dress”?
Men:                Black slacks, long-sleeve white shirt, long black tie, black belt, black  socks, black shoes.

Women:           Long black skirt, long-sleeve white blouse, nude or black stockings, black  shoes (suggest low heels or flats for safety).

 How Do I Join?
There are four ways for you to become a part of this group.  In order to help us get a feel for the size of the group, please respond as soon as possible.

1.         Mail the registration sheet to me at:

MHS Roundtable Singers – Manchester High School
134 East Middle Turnpike
Manchester, CT 06040
attn:  Edward Tyler

2.         Call (860) 647-3521, x70011, and provide the complete registration information.
3.         E-mail the registration to me at
4.        Send the information to me via Facebook.

 Thanks for your interest, and thanks for being a part of a Manchester tradition.  I am looking forward to seeing you on May 18.


 Edward Tyler, director
MHS Roundtable Singers
PS – Please forward this to all your Roundtable friends!!

Online Registration Form

Manchester High School Roundtable Singers

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for being a part of a Manchester tradition. I am looking forward to seeing you on May 18. Edward Tyler, director MHS Roundtable Singers PS - Please forward this to all your Roundtable friends!!