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Watch the progress towards our School Improvement Plan Goals


Letter Grades

97% of students passing all courses, midterms, and final exams; 75% of students with a grade of B or better; 25% of students with a grade in the A range.

Progress (updated 12-9-13)
As the chart at right shows, during the first quarter the school wide passing rate  was 90 percent—up from  86 percent at the end of the 2012-13 academic year. The rate of students with A’s is still 19 percent.



AP Test Scores

80% or more of students scoring a 3 or better on Advanced Placement exams



Retention Rate

No students will be retained


Daily Attendance

97% Average Daily Attendance Rate



Cut Classes And Tardiness

20% decrease in class cuts and truancies across the school




20% decrease in the number of disciplinary incidents, suspensions, and expulsions across the school