The student news site of Manchester High School.

Mission Statement

Mission of Manchester High School  

All students will develop the tools necessary to become productive, responsible members of society.

 As a school community we will:

  • Provide all students with the highest quality education
  • Continually improve practices to maximize the learning of all
  • Foster partnerships among students, parents, families, school personnel and the community
  • Maintain a safe inclusive school where equity is the norm and excellence is the goal

 Academic Expectations for Student Learning

All students will:

  1. Effectively apply critical and creative thinking skills to solve relevant problems.
  2. Analyze, interpret, and evaluate literary, informational, and persuasive texts. 
  3. Produce written materials that appropriately respond to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline.
  4. Create, interpret, and evaluate verbal and nonverbal presentations using a variety of tools/media in carried contexts for a variety of purposes.
  5. Access and apply appropriate digital resources, media, and other technology in varied contexts for a variety of purposes.
  6. Work collaboratively to solve problems and accomplish goals.
  7. Make appropriate decisions in the areas of health, wellness, and physical fitness.

 Civic and Social Expectations for Student Learning

 All students will:

  1. Treat others with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, class, or orientation.
  2. Demonstrate ethical behavior through honesty and integrity.
  3. Be responsible for their words, actions, and commitments.
  4. Contribute positively to the community.
  5. Contribute to the school by participating in co-curricular or service activities.


The student news site of Manchester High School.
Mission Statement