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Gods And Goddesses Come To Life in L.A.

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 Ms. Clancy’s period 1 honors class recently presented their Greek mythology projects on their assigned gods or goddesses. They became the expert on their god or goddess and presented the information to the class. These were just two examples from the class. Each group had to do a write up and a visual. The visual could not be a square poster board. The girls group presented on Artemis and the boys group did Hermes. The girls are Kaila, Stephanie, Leanne. The boys group are Adam, Philip, Subi. Other groups did a rap, scrap book, baked clay lyre, and power points. They all had a lot of fun and got really into making their projects.  “I was proud of the hard work they put in and wanted to share how well they all did,” said Ms. Clancy.
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