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JC Rocks The House At “I Am Hip Hop” Concert

Amara Mccarthy

Nathan Sullivan, Staff Writer

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 UPDATED: 2/22/2013

Manchester’s own Joncarlo Cortez performed last night here at MHS in the Bailey Auditorium. His “I Am Hip Hop” concert was a major hit bringing together, not only students, but the community to see his performance. The Event coordinator, Mrs. Wabble, had nothing but good things to say about JC’s performance, “Joncarlo did an outstanding job. He delivered a very powerful and positive message. He kept the crowd interacted with the show and kept them on their feet. I can’t wait to see him under the big lights.” He sold hundreds of tickets of which the proceeds went to the junior class and Out To Pasture Farm And Rescue, Inc. Junior Kyle Overton said, “It was a really good experience to see one of my classmates on stage performing, following his dream.” Above is a video taken by junior Amara Mccarthy last night. JC is performing his song “Give it to ‘em.” Congratulations JC, keep following your dreams.  


Original text

 Manchester’s own Joncarlo Cortez, also known as JC, is an aspiring rapper, who one day dreams of making music for a major recording label. He has come a long way in his rapping career, starting when he was nine. After all these years, now a junior, Joncarlo had the opportunity to be interviewed and release his mixtape on The University of Hartford’s radio, 91.3 WWUH. He had a live interview and had his mixtape played early last month.

“Releasing some of my mixtape on the radio was the craziest feeling in the world because I finally was able to broadcast my music to a large crowd. It is the first step in making my dream come true,” says JC.

In addition JC stated where his inspiration comes from, rapper, Lil’ Wayne. “In my opinion, to this day, he is the hardest worker in the entertainment industry at what he does,” JC stated. Unlike JC, many aspiring artists do not have recording studios in their house and this is something that really makes JC unique. Joncarlo writes and records his own music, hoping to make rap music his career. He has already been asked to sign with rapper “Soulja Boy.” JC is on the road to fame, making it on the radio. Thursday night at 7 pm he will be performing live in the Bailey Auditorium. All the proceeds from his performance will go to the Junior Class and “Out To Pasture Farm And Rescue, Inc.” Congratulations JC and good luck on making it big.

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