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Robotics Relocate

Kaitlin Maloney and Savanna Smith

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     Look out Anaheim, here comes the Manchester High School Robotics team! The committed team members participate in the Robotics class period eight, but dedicate additional hours after school and on weekends to ensure that they can create the ideal robot. Mr. Prytko, the adviser to the team said their work includes everything “from the maintenance and organization of the parts,  [to] coming up with concepts, [and] working the concepts through, testing them and retesting [them].”

      The team competed previously in Monroe, CT where they achieved “excellence” (a qualifying standard) which advanced them to the final round. It was at this competition that they qualified for the world competition. The world competition is held in Anaheim, California, all the way across the country. Consequently, this trip is very costly. A member of the team, Junior Anthony Lippo explained, “It going to cost around $1,100 per student. The [ongoing] fundraiser we are doing is selling candy. We did an Applebee’s Fundraiser which raised a lot of the profit.” If you see members of the Robotics team selling candy in the hallways, be sure to buy a Twix to support their trip!

     “It’s one thing to build a robot, but it always needs to be tweaked and become better. [However], they are great kids [and] they work hard,” said Mr. Prytko. The team leaves for California April 17th, and they will not return until the 23rd

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