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Gizmo On The Go! Our Doglet Checks In

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Hi MHS Frens!  I’m Gizmo, Manchester High School’s adopted doglet and MHSRedline’s mascot.  I went to MHS on Monday and I could not believe the amazing things I saw happening there!  

*gasp* There are homemade DOG TREATS for sale in the Teacher’s Lounge this week!  Can you believe it?  FCCLA is selling them for a fundraiser to support their spring conference.  And they are absolutely DELICIOUS.  I know, because my good fren Mrs. Flicker bought me a bag of them.  Peanut butter, my favorite!  If you want some for your furry frens, they are $2.00 a bag.  But they are in the lounge, so you better ask a teacher ok?  

While I was chomping on my yummy treat from Mrs. Flicker, I stopped by to say hello to the photography club.  Do you like taking pictures?  I never took a picture before, but I sure pose for a lot of them!  I am an exsillent poser!   If you are a photographer at heart, or if you would like to give it a shot (I said give it a shot…get it?) they meet every Monday after school in the photography lab.  Stop by and check it out!  They are even doing a super secret project, and you might see me there.  Or maybe in Paris.  I don’t know.  London.  Am I confusing you?  Keep your eyes peeled on Redline, and soon it will all make sense!  

Did you know Friday is an extra special day?  Because it’s Manchester Television News Day!  OK, and it’s also someone’s barkday, I mean birthday.  I bet you can’t guess whose!  Watch Manchester Television News carefully on Friday, and you will find out!

*Random shout out to our exsillent Robotics team!*
Why did I just randomly shout out to our exsillent Robotics team?  Watch Manchester Television News on Friday.  I’m just telling you.

Speaking of clubs, have you heard of a new club at MHS called Manchester United?  I noticed they have many inspirational posters in the halls!  I especially like the one that quotes Mother Teresa saying, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”  Hey that’s really true!  They meet on Mondays too, just like the photography club!  Stop by and check them out.  You never know when your kindness can make a difference!

On my way out of the building, guess what I saw?  A Drivers’ Education instructor, showing a student how to back into a parking space.  I am an exsillent driver, so of course I congratulated the student on a job well done!  Then the instructor gave us both pointers on safe driving.  NOTE:  You should never drive with anything, even a dog, in your lap.  And did you know they even make car seats for dogs so we can be safe too?  Safety is always important!  

Hey listen!  Did you know I am so proud of all the students I see doing PAWESOME things at MHS?  I am honored to be Manchester High School’s adopted doglet and MHSRedline’s mascot.  I am all about the GREAT stuff, and MHS is GREAT stuff!  Cuz we’re frens!

Signed, The Gizmo.

P.S. Good luck on the CAPT testing evrerypawdy!  Come to school every day, get plenty of rest and eat breakfast, ok?  *paws in the air*  I’m cheering for you!

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